Staay Art Home Design©2000 makes ancient history from more than 5000 years old civilizations come alive in your home. Staay Art© transforms history to present. Always looking for something different?

Staay Art gives you that possibility. A door to a long forgotten time…. An extra dimension in your living room…. Let those walls come alive…. The possibility is here.

Staay Art home design© is specialized in various groups of art: Egypt style, Maya style, Toltec style, Aztec style, Inca style en Nasca style.

My knowledge about these civilizations is extensive and I have visited them several times. Thanks to their art, knowledge, and giant constructional works, they knew how to inspire me. They showed me that the impossible can be made possible. Because of their gift to me, these works of art are born.

Pyramids of very old civilizations can be found really everywhere on this world, even in Europe, and in time eventually I will visit them all. And there are still numerous other civilizations about which I want to gather knowledge. Also in these civilizations I will be absorbed, visit them to feel, hear and to see what they can tell me, so that I can create art based on that knowledge.

At the moment I am busy creating art based on and inspired by the above mentioned civilizations. They are the inspiration for this form of art that fits in every interior design.

Staay Art guarantees you that you will get a work of art that has dignity, with a direct language, not our language, but the language of the gods. Let them talk in your home. A door to a long forgotten and lost time, the source of civilization… By means of my art I try to listen to these messages from the past. Time is not money, Time is now, Time is Art, remember to feel, see and listen.

T(E)=ART Staay Art transforms history to present. Staay Art© brings these civilizations to life and recovers the fascination of ancient periods in worldhistory.

IK,IX,RE, STAAY ART DESIGN©, timeless in a busy life.